What’s Cookin’?

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

In 2009 I was newly married and recently unemployed. I was desperate to find a job but if you notice the year, it was a bad one for newbies who were scouting for a start, worse for those like me who had moved continents to be rendered jobless. To escape a complete sense of worthlessness and necessity to be fed, I took up cooking most reluctantly. My husband of then (and now) likes to take credit for showing me the difference between a frying and sauce pan. Unless his name is Google, he knows he is exaggerating (only my love for him keeps me from calling him a liar!) After attempting a few basic dishes, I found the experience of cooking quite calming. However, it wasn’t enough to keep me out of the pits. I started this blog to keep my morale up; so that I had a project to work on – writing and cataloguing of my culinary journey.

Foodoodle is where I doodle in words and food. The blog is  witness to my growth as a cook and indeed as a person in the last few years. It is not your quintessential food blog, it is more of a documentation of life as seen through the kitchen window. Here you will find stories of my tryst with food – its making, eating, experimenting – and life – its stories and experiences. Please feel free to drop in and say hello or wave if you are passing by.