Easter recap

As we move into another weekend, I am struck by the contrast between this week and the last, when we were busy preparing for Easter. As during every other festival at our home, food was the focal point of the observance and celebrations – the main departure from last year was the absence of my mother-in-law and the joys of eating the food she cooks. This year, for the first time, ever, inspired by her rendition, I attempted to make Pesaha (or Indiri) appam, which is essentially unleavened bread served and consumed on Passover night. This savoury bread is eaten along with jaggery-sweetened coconut milk called pesaha paal (Passover milk).

Pesaha appam and paal

Pesaha appam and paal

Though the fare was simple over the Easter weekend, I tried to kick up the beat with these Easter Bunny Brioche buns, served with chicken curry (good even on their own!). I have tried baking bread before, attempts which proved disastrous (ha ha, pun!); this time however, results were more to my liking. These buns were all that the recipe promised they would be. I was well  pleased with these little beauties.

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

This was followed by a celebratory classic cheesecake, along with a raspberry coulis. I usually get a good result with this dessert, not this time though and I think it was because of the settings on my oven and the fact I was distracted by a very sleepy toddler who decided it was a good time to extend his night time routine to include mommy in it.  I (very cleverly, I thought) managed to turn the crooked upper crust into a farm scene. It was always my intention to decorate it but the cracks and mounds helped create a more natural look, don’t you think?


Easter Cheesecake

A bit like Ol McDonalds farm

So here you go folks, this was my Easter story with its firsts, triumphs and fails, hope yours too brought its share of gifts.




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