Save the cake

Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes

You may have read articles on how motherhood makes you a better professional at work – with this post I tell you how it has made me a better cook and manager (of situations and resources). The cupcake you see above is the result of this evolution.

I have never been one to follow recipes to the letter, even when baking. But I was converted recently after I bought this snazzy looking kitchen weighing scale; I mean why put a good gadget to waste, no? Anyway, what I learnt soon after was that no matter how spiffy the tool, if you are not paying attention you are likely to run into trouble. Now, I can’t say exactly what happened (most likely too little flour) but what I ended up with was a cake-shaped substance that was set on the top layer of .0001 micron, while the rest of it remained, well, liquid.

Having burnt many a concoction in the past while baking, I usually set the oven timer for shorter time than that recommended. I put the current state of affairs to that caution. To put matters right I baked the batter a little more, and then some more and then some more again. When the “cake” refused to bake after an hour-and-a-half, I had to accept not all was right. To be honest, the loose consistency of the batter when I first poured it in the tin should have been my first clue to the ensuing disaster but then I wasn’t in the mood to pay attention on the day or rather night – by the time i ended up with goo on my hands, it was well past midnight.

Loathe to get rid of the batter, I bunged the tin into the fridge. Next morning and much googling later, I was none the wiser on how to bounce back. OK that’s not all true. I did kinda sorta knew what could be done but my confidence was in the boots for obvious reasons. But after half the day was gone looking for that elusive spark from the internet gods, I took recourse in my own judgement. Adding a bit of flour and a bit of milk got the batter into dropping consistency. I poured the stuff into parchment lined muffin tray instead of going ahead with the original plan for a cake. This was to ensure we had baked goods that were edible and presentable (and took a shorter time to cook).

The resultant cupcakes were moist, fluffy and lasted about half-an-hour.

If you are keen to make the cake I originally intended to bake (minus the frosting and fancy looks) follow the recipe for Mary Berry’s Celebration Chocolate cake. Hopefully you will get it right the first time round… but if you don’t you know what to do 🙂


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