Breakfast biggie

A lot has been written about the benefits of breakfast; even I have weighed in at one point.

In our household of two, we don’t usually breakfast like kings but on weekends an effort is made to have something more exciting than cereal or store bought croissants.

Till recently when I decided to do something about it, one of the issues I have had with breakfast is lack of creativity. Back in the day it was either a sunny side up with toast or paranthas or porridge or something akin to these.

Once the employment bug bit me, breakfast was just a time-consuming chore that was dispensed with in favour of an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. As a result I had made best friends with Digene, some of you may know its cousins Pepto-Bismol and Gaviscon.

My struggle with breakfasting changed a few years ago when I discovered the joys cereal – endless options of it, granola-yogurt  pots, croissants and on occasions, a full English. After a while, the charm of new things waned and it was back to mundane food mornings.

For now I have made my peace with the fact that b’fast can’t always be exciting. Till it is weekend that is. Weekend morning treats are now about experimentation and exploration. This post is about one such morning.

More brunch than breakfast: Filled omelette served on brown toast and a side of fruits (or Hot chocolate)

More brunch than breakfast: Filled omelette served on brown toast with a side of fruit (or Hot chocolate)

You may like to call it a Fritatta or a Spanish tortilla but I will stick to Omelette, albeit a robust one.


  • Eggs: 4
  • Spring onions: 2-3 (I used both the bulb and leaves), chopped
  • Red (other any other colour) pepper: 1/2, cut into small squares
  • Tomato: half (de-seeded to limit the amount of liquid), cut into small squares
  • Chorizo: 50-60 gm cubed
  • Olive oil
  • Basil leaves: a bunch
  • Cheddar: a slice or similar amount grated


  • Heat the pan and add a little oil. Fry the Chorizo in it. I did not need to season the dish with salt or pepper because of the spicy sausage.
  • Add the spring onions and peppers to the pan and saute.
  • Add the chopped tomato.
  • Saute till the tomato is soft. Add chopped basil leaves and stir.
  • Beat the eggs in a bowl; add to the pan.
  • Cook on slow heat.
  • Make sure you keep folding/breaking the egg to cook it through.
  • When the omelette is nearly ready, add/sprinkle the cheese and cover. Cook till the egg is done.
  • Serve on  a toast or have it as it is.

I topped the omelette with fried mushrooms. If you opt for this addition, fry the mushrooms in lots of butter and season with salt and pepper.

I served the dish with some pears and tart plums. It worked well.

If using fruits, leave the hot chocolate for later- the two do not go well. Believe me.

So now that you know what  I ate on the weekend, I would love to hear about yours. (it’s only fair, no?). Breakfast favourites and peeves; bricks and bouquets are all welcome.


7 thoughts on “Breakfast biggie

  1. During the killing Delhi summer, I love nothing but a bowl of chilled milk with almond-honey cornflakes. But, like you said, on weekends I do crave for something solid. So, my sis and I make some pancakes…i love cinnamon on it 🙂 Otherwise the same-old trusted bread and omelette, sometime with fried mushrooms and spring onions on the side, other times nothing like a sinful cheese omelette.

    • Zing, Those cinnamon pancakes sound perfect for this wet and cold weather we are having here. Funny how are food is influenced by the weather. When i was younger, much younger, I didn’t quite care and gobbled up whatever caught my fancy. Not so anymore!

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