In a bid to eat healthy…

..the husband and I are trying to curb the carb intake.

While we are failing miserably at most times, what with the sugars calling out from all ends of the earth (or supermarket shelves), we (well, OK,  I) managed to find a very handy substitute for the starchy rice we tend to consume a little too much of. It is called Moong dal ka cheela*. Super easy to make and lovely to taste, I would give it a 10/10 on taste and 20/10 on ease of preparation. If you have been a reader of this blog for a bit, you would have noticed that ease of preparation ranks high on my list of priorities.

Moong dal ka cheela

As for the step-by-step recipe, head over here to the Steaming Pot, my go to for many exciting vegetarian recipes.

Till next time!

* Not to be confused with the alien race in the Scifi book Dragon’s Egg. I came across this interesting nugget in my search for the etymology of the name Cheela. Now  I need to find the book and read it.


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