Quick fix for a cold day

This one goes under the “favourites” tab. Easy and quick, it is a hearty meal; of course, for those not bothered about calories and stuff. Made for a comfort on a cold day, is what this meal is. The dishes are great by themselves too. My favourite was the butter bean concoction. I was cooking with the legumes for the first time, and they have been quite a discovery.

Quick beef hash, bacon and butter beans, goddess salad and jacket potatoes

Super quick beef hash: Since I couldn’t get good lean mince, I substituted it with good quality uncooked burger patty,which was then mashed up for the purpose. The combination of ingredients was a winner-celery, carrots, thyme, onion, garlic, parsley and the zingy Worcestershire sauce.

Super-quick Hash

Butter beans: Subtle sweet and sour combination (NOTHING like the Chinjabi/fast food Chinese Sweet and Sour), it was wholesome and delicious. I am not a big fan of beans, so the dish was a very pleasant surprise. And like I said earlier, a dish I will be trying again.

Butter beans goodness

Jacket potatoes: I made these for the first time, and they came out well. The bland potatoes were a good accompaniment to the rest of the dishes which brought to the table some very powerful flavours.

Jacket Potato with Sour cream

Goddess salad: Interesting dressing.

Verdict: A great meal for a cold day. However, I am compelled to issue a word of warning (if you haven’t guessed it already)- the meal is quite heavy. I had to take a postprandial nap after this.

(Though I suspect the need to sleep was brought on by a combination of two factors- one the wholesome nature of the meal and second, the mad rush to finish cooking within half-an-hour or both).

Time taken: 40 minutes

Meal for two: £8

Recipe can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Quick fix for a cold day

  1. Oh my god this looks so yummy I want some of that potato RIGHT NOW. And I love butterbeans!! They are perfect for any kind of cuisine. They really do melt in your mouth.

    • Butter beans have been quite a find! Totally love them. Do have a recipe that you could share M. Would love to try something new with these beans! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Looking fwd to Foodless Friday today!

    • Thanks babe! Do the veg version of the beans (minus the bacon) You will really like it… with a nice hunk of bread, it is almost a meal in itself.

  2. Thank you So much ! I am going to try it . The first one -beef hash sounds difficult to make though. Hope I can make it 🙂

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