Some like it raw

So when I was starved for inspiration for my column at The New Indian Express’s School edition, one kindly soul (read little cousin) remarked, “Kids will enjoy some gory details- stuff like chocolate ants, black pudding types!” And so this piece was born. Hope you enjoy the foodie trivia. You can read the full article here.

Food stuff


2 thoughts on “Some like it raw

  1. As much as I enjoy sushi, I think there’s a slight misconception about the absolute raw-ness of the fish in it. The traditional sushi was fish fermented by wrapping in vinegar rice, the fish was eaten and the rice was discarded due to the strong taste and smell of it. Rice was the “cooking” medium, kinda still is. Fish is rather delicate and cooks much faster and with much less effort than any other meat. The vinegar in the sticky rice practically “cooks” the fish and what you get in the end is not really raw, quite similar to ceviche, which uses lime and salt and is an absolute delight wrapped in a tortilla.

    I could be wrong, I’m not an expert or a sushi chef myself, but I do love sushi.

    • Hi Knowmads! Thank you for sharing this.
      Sushi chef or not, you are absolutely right about rice being used to ferment/cook the fish in traditional sushi-making. It was only later that people started eating rice along with the fish, when they started using rice vinegar in the preparation.
      And your comment has given me a new idea to pursue- what exactly is “cooking”.
      Thanks again!

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