Cypriot Chicken, salad and squidgy veg

So I caught a re-run of the 30-minute meals series on air y’day and was sufficiently motivated (read greedy) to re-start my own series. Now that I am quite stuffed and quite happy after the meal, I have decided to pen down a quick entry before lethargy takes over.

A plate of good food

Oh but before I carry on, I do have a gripe to air – these are not 30 minute meals, well not the majority of them. Come on, if it takes a professional chef to create these meals in half-an-hour, an amateur like me doesn’t stand a chance, no matter how hard I try. So does that mean I am giving up – hell no! I still have half the menus to attempt, I am sure I will taste success sooner or later. Anyway, 30-min meals or not, the dishes ARE quite tasty and some of them have even been incorporated in separate menus (as opposed to making the full meal).

So on to today’s dinner which was:

Stuffed Cypriot Chicken

This required some fancy knife work , which was beyond my ken (OK so I was too lazy to follow the brief). I did my own version of making a “pocket” for stuffing the meat. In the end, it was some handy tooth pick art that kept (most of) the filling in. But what is important is that the dish was a success!

Stuffed Cypriot Chicken

Cabbage salad: 

Yum Yum Yum- This one comes highly recommended. No, the raw cabbage was not stinky. However, I think using parsley (or any other fragrant herb) might have played an important role in ensuring this. This recipe is for keeps.

Cabbage Salad - a winner

Squidgy veg (I have christened it thus): Pan-fried tomatoes and asparagus, with fragrant herbs – not bad. Husband loved it though.

Pan-fried tomatoes and asparagus

While it was being cooked on TV the meal seemed easy enough prepare. On ground things became a bit tricky. After 45 minutes of cooking, the chicken was still a bit pink and the asparagus quite raw. However, I bunged the two into the over for an addition 7 minute and all was good in the hood.

Nonetheless the meal was worth the trouble, will be making it again.

Time taken: 1 hour

Meal for three: £8 (excluding the drink and dessert)

Recipe video:

P.S: So a friend of mine tells me not all can stream the video. So here’s a link to the recipeon Web Goddess, which I found is quite elaborate and helpful:


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