Cerealised history

Growing up, breakfast cereals seemed quite pointless to me- soggy and unappetizing.  Things have changed, and their variety boggles the mine (at least mine it does, and I wonder if resources could be directed towards better inventions).  Crunchy nut, wheat shreddies, rice puffs, heart friendly wheat/ oat flakes and what not. And as all things these breakfast staples have a history too- and an interesting one. To know more, click here.



2 thoughts on “Cerealised history

  1. I literally have to coax myself and my taste buds to let CEREALS do the breakfast honours!!!! 🙂 But the history behind how it all came into existence is quite fascinating and amusing too. Now I know where the ever so popular name Kellogg came from. Granola too….. There is quite some history about the variety of cereals too. A very good read, I must say.

    • Thank you!. I am not a big fan of cereals but my excavation led to some interesting discovery that I thought made for an interesting tale; I am so glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂

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