Resuming (again)

Gosh, it’s been a month (again) since I posted my last entry, though I have to say it just feels like y’day that I told myself I will update the blog tomorrow.  A year back, I would have blamed this inactivity on paucity of material or plain laziness, but not today. In September and October, it was the flu and the last few days it was work and family life! Things have been quite hectic, in and out of the kitchen. The meals and experiments have been coming along thick and fast, as have new commissions, old assignments, visits, interviews and more.

But today, I return to the blog. The ladle’s been given a rest for the night and I have settled for some creamy porridge for dinner. A new flavour by Quaker Oats-raspberry and white chocolate- yum. Anyhoo I digress.

While there’s lots brewing in the pot, I will have to wait a few days before I can spill the beans. Till then let me regale you with the visions and tid-bits of one fab meal V and I enjoyed with some friends who came home a weekend gone. On the menu was Jamie Oliver’s (who else!) Will and Kate’s Wedding pie and Tres Leches cake.

Ever since I caught this episode of Jamie’s Great Britain on TV, I have been dying to make this pie. Slow-cooked beef in thick savoury gravy, flavoured by fragrant herbs, with a pint of Guinness adding a deep tone to the affair, topped by a crusty shortcrust pastry- how could this dish not taste divine. So when a few friends said they would be coming home, I decided to give the recipe a go and spread the joy.

So here it is ladies and gents- The Wedding pie.

Beef and Guinness pie

I have to confess, though, that I am not a huge fan of savoury pies (barring one amazing rendition of the steak & ale pie at a roadside restaurant en route to Bristol) but this version hit a spot- point no. gazillion to Mr. Oliver.

Hands down the best pie I have ever had

For the recipe in text, click here.

Next up the dessert- a Tres Leches cake.

One interesting thing that happened to me in the gone weeks is This lovely app throws up recipes at random or lets you search for one (or many) with your choice of ingredients. It was here that I first heard of the cake, which is Mexican in origin and heavenly in taste.

Tres Leche cake- three milk cake

A word of warning though- the two items listed above take at least two days to cook and are LADEN with calories (even though I did not put as much frosting as was asked for in the recipe!). But hey, certain occasions (like company of friends or dismal cold days) call for food that is good for the soul and the mood!

A slice of heaven


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