Finger-lickin’ good

I have too many (virtual) people knocking on my door to get their due. No, no I have not gone under because of my cooking extravaganza, it’s just that the last month’s illness wreaked havoc on the work sked and I am staring tight deadlines in their respective faces.  Very astute naming by the way; kudos to whoever came up with the nomenclature!

But I was way too excited about the following meal to postpone posting. Enough jibber-jabber, on to the meal.

Menu: Mustard chicken, Dauphinoise potatoes, greens and Affogato! yum yum yum!

Wholesome fare

Mustard Chicken: Light and tasty, not too pungent and very very juicy. A quick fix and good alone with a simple green salad.

Mustard chicken

Dauphinoise potatoes: I have been dying to make these ever since I heard of them the first time! They sound so sexy (like the rest of the French language). How CAN not one want to cook some thing that is pronounced the way this is… sigh..

And the taste totally lives up to the name…it’s creamy and sinful… and heavy! But a treat you can enjoy once in six months. 🙂

Dauphinoise potatoes

Affogato: I call it the Black Forest pudding and it was Wow. Simply wow. Simple, quick assembly and top-taste. Again a must try even on its own. And by the way, it was not the usual scoop of ice-cream with coffee (so much for sporting a fancy name) This version asked for more and was infinitely better. Hey I even risked a gastritis attack (being allergic to coffee and all that) to try this one out- it was worth every spasm.


Meal for four: £12

Time Taken: 33 minutes  (Sigh you can’t have every thing every time! )

Recipe: I know, I know you are hankering for the real thing- Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth- Mustard Chicken, daupinoise potatoes, greens and Affogato.



4 thoughts on “Finger-lickin’ good

  1. u know today i came across a hotel in delhi which has a meal for 2 starting from 50K to a lac!!!
    And then i see this, orgasmic food. orgasmic affordable DIY food.

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