Sweet delight

What a relief to be back online after a week of illness (this time the husband’s) and dealing with a defunct computer (mine). In other news, the heat (believe it or not) in the city got to the spouse and self, so while he decided to fall sick, I took a break from Jamie’s 30-minute-meal challenge for the second half of September.

The next few meals that I’d be posting here were made earlier in that month. I plan to get back on the wagon by end of this week, till then I am posting last month’s results!

On the menu one dinner night were Sticky Pan fried scallops, with sweet chilli rice, dressed greens and glorious (and quick) brownies. This meal is now right on top with some of my favourite 30-minute meals. It took me an hour to cook all the dishes, and precisely 10 minutes for us (husband and me) to polish it all off. Just to reiterate (in case you missed it the first time) the meal was fabulous.

Scalloping in the goodness

The scallops were juicy and sweet and the red chilli gave off the right amount of heat. Don’t scrimp on the coriander, as it compliments the dish well. The rice was nice and tangy as were the greens in addition to being crunchy. The book suggests a presumably hassle-free way to stream the vegetables, which is to cover the cut vegetables in a colander and cover tightly with a tin foil before putting it atop a  bowl of steaming water till the ingredients are tender. This didn’t work for me and I had to cook them in the microwave for a bit, which sent the schedule awry.

I put the vegetables in a  bowl and covered it tightly with a microwave-safe cling-film; cooked it all in the microwave oven till they were tender. The time taken to cook will wary according to the wattage of your machine. Start with 10 minutes and work on a guesstimate from there.

Meal in a bowl

Regarding the brownies, I’d like to share an observation. When you blitz all the ingredients together, you will still be left with whole chunks of chocolate. Don’t worry. These, when the brownie is baked, will leave you with lots of gooey molten chocolate inside the cake, which is what makes this brownie glorious.

I made a few modifications with the recipe. That’s because I didn’t have any dry fruits to bung in. My version (of the brownies) can be found here. However, for this meal, I did not put any cranberries in the brownie mix.

Gooeydness gracious me!

Oh and yes, the scallops were the store-bought tiny ones and not the jumbo fresh types mentioned in the recipe. If you know where I can get those nice big juicy ones, please do share the knowledge.

I had the brownies warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side. That’s because I love hot-and-cold combinations in desserts. Fresh cream would work well too, I am sure.

Cost of a meal for two: £10

Time taken: 1 hour (and 10 minutes to devour it all)

Here’s the video link for the recipe.


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