Wah wah Thai

Last month was blur of activities and the pace of things happening has not slackened. However, what did (rather did not) happen was that I could not update the pages in this section (Jamie’s 30-minute-meal challenge). Very aware that I am running behind schedule, I am seeking solace in the fact that even though my online activity has been lagging, offline, the meals are getting cooked nonetheless! After almost a month’s break, I am back with a Thai meal. This one finally broke the run of disappointing meals I had in the last few attempts.

The Menu: A de-constructed Thai green chicken curry, rice noodles and kimchi slaw

Piece de resistance: The entire meal. I love Thai food, especially green and red curries. I have even attempted a green curry at home but with a ready-made paste.  For this meal I had to prepare the green curry paste from scratch and I am very glad I did. It was fresh, zingy and made a great marinade for the chicken. The moment it hit the hot hot pan, the kitchen was filled with a nice (though smoky) aroma. So if have smoke alarms at home, I suggest you keep the windows/doors open.

Crispy juicy chicken- great on its own too

The chicken will only be crispy if you leave the skin on, naturally. Even if you are someone who prefers a denuded chicken, I would strongly suggest trying the recipe as it is. Then again, if you are REALLY opposed to keeping the skin on, feel free to remove it and let me know how the dish turns out.

As for the kimchi slaw, I realised that two wrongs can (sometimes) actually make a right. I detest both kimchi salad and coleslaw (I have been appraised that maybe because I never had either one that was well-made) but this salad was (yet again) a stroke of genius. It was fresh, tangy and peppery, without a hint of mayo (thank god. No no, it’s not because I am a health freak- far from it. It is because I don’t like mayo. Then again that maybe because I have never had one that was well made!).

A lip-smacking affair

Recipe: If you prefer to see the master in action, click here for a video.

Alternatively, here’s the meal recipe and steps in text.

Time taken: 1 hour

Cost per meal: £8 (a bit more if you include the garnishes mentioned in the recipe)


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