Back after a break

This break has been three weeks too many. Yes, yes it has been for some very good reasons but I did miss filling in this space. So here I am trying to make up for lost time.

In the beginning there was  Chaos!
While I was filling you in with the details of my tomato expedition, I was also busy running around to get myself a Schengen visa. Now most of you who have been through the process must be tut-tuting and itching to commiserate with me; I accept your sympathies in anticipation. If you think you want to go beyond feeling my pain and help making the whole Schengen visa process easier for yourself and fellow Indians (or your Indian friend, neighbour), make yourself heard here.

Back to that crazy week  in August 2011: 
All the running around was being done to achieve the aim of getting me to Geneva in time for the annual Fete de Geneve, which was honouring India as its chief guest. And boy, did they do it in style! To know more about this lovely experience, click on this Indian Compass link. And do do play the youtube video at the end of the Indian Compass article to get a sense of magnificence of the fireworks!

Never thought I'd be reading this someday

Je t’mie Geneva:
But there was more to my visit than just the Geneva festival- I got to spend whole three days soaking up the beauty, culture, warmth and vibrancy of Geneva. Sunny and warm, friendly, uncomplicated, beautiful and expensive- that’s Geneva in a nutshell. Of course the sun and warmth are limited to summer months where temperatures can go up to 30 degrees C. But the rest of the qualities I have listed are perennial.

The general atmosphere of the city is relaxed and unhurried. Unlike their German counterparts in Zurich, the Genevens are more expressive and effusive. Given that it is a UN city, Geneva is home to different cultures but surprisingly has no set ethnic quarters- and the locals, irrespective of their cultural background are bound by a common language- French. But that is not to say tourists will find it a difficult city to navigate or enjoy. The locals are friendly and ever ready to help, irrespective of whether they are comfortable with English or not (or you with French).

To me the city resembled a well-curated and interactive museum. Sitting side by side are natural beauty (Lac Leman/Lake Geneva), ancient history (Old Town) and modern market squares (Downtown Geneva) buzzing with activity. A short tram ride will bring you to the Palais de nations, the headquarters of the League of Nations. The UN building is easily visible from here and a short walkwill takes you to the Red Cross museum (closed till 2013 for renovations), the Musee Araina, a ceramics and porcelain art museum and diplomatic missions of various countries. This part of Geneva, for me, was reminiscent of the diplomatic areas in Delhi, especially Malcha Marg, with its wide roads and large expanses of green- a good place to enjoy a stroll or a small picnic.

In case you are contemplating visiting the city or are heading towards Switzerland any time, this article will give you plenty of reasons to visit this Swiss Canton.

At the Palais des Nations gates

What else has been cooking?
The text above sums up the first two weeks that sent me missing from these pages. So how about the other week and a half? Ah! That time was spent whipping up columns for a newspaper back home in India. The good folks at The New Indian Express have asked me to pen a weekly FOOD (yes food!) column for their school edition. A new experience for me- writing a column and penning pieces for a young audience. And till I can catch hold of a PDF of my first column, you can read it here. You may, or may not have/be a kid, but you will find some interesting tid-bits to chew on in that piece about Onasadya.

In conclusion (finally)!
Phew! Now that was a lengthy update! I will wrap up by telling you that the Jamie’s 30 minute Meals have been bubbling on the stove consistently, and will begin appearing on these pages from tomorrow. Till then I will leave you to read up and share your thoughts on the blog.  🙂

P.S: In case, JUST in case, any one noticed the absence of my take on food in Geneva, fret not. One of these days you will receive an elaborate description of my food adventures in the land of chocolate and cheese! Till then I think you have plenty to feast on! 


3 thoughts on “Back after a break

  1. Looking forward to your articles on Geneva and more pretty photographs of Jamie’s 30 minute meals… BTW Loved your onasadya write up 🙂

  2. Great to read about your recent adventures. I look forward to reading more in due course, especially about the cheese and chocolate experiences in Geneva!

    • Mo Darling! Thanks for stopping by and yes, I am looking forward to penning it all down! I wish I could write it like y’day, however, human frailties limit me 😉 Please do keep coming back! xx

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