La Tomatina (the tomato festival)

What else would you call the use of a kg of tomatoes, and three different varieties at that, for a meal of three. In my book it constitutes a pomodoro fest! Tangy, light and fresh, the meal scored a 6 on a scale of ten. I would have rated it higher had it not been for the very disappointing dessert. That it had tinned prunes in it should have tipped me off but I chose to hope against hope! Counting the pluses, the meal is perfect for a laid back evening when you don’t want to spend too much time on anything elaborate. The aroma of onions cooking in balsamic vinegar will leave your kitchen pleasantly fragrant! And the colours! Oh, how I loved the colours I put on the platter with this meal.

I left the guacamole a bit chunky because I am not too fond of the pasty consistency of the dip/sauce. I was quite happy with the result.

The only tip I would share for this meal is that if you think the tomatoes you are using are too tangy, add a bit of sugar when cooking them on the fire/hob; It will mitigate the sourness.

Menu: Tomato soup, chunky croutons, guacamole and sticky prune sponge puddings

Cost of a meal for three: £6

Time taken: 33 minutes

For the recipes, click here. For the rest of the post, I will let the pictures talk for a change!

Guacamole with carrot and cucumber batons

Tomato soup (with basil and balsamic vinegar flavours)

Tomato catch-up! If I have not had enough vitamin C this year then with this meal I made up for the loss and have reserves till next year!


6 thoughts on “La Tomatina (the tomato festival)

  1. Fingers crossed, I think we are paving the way for Prerna Express 😉
    And 4 the sugar: absolutely correct, unless you hail from Didi’s state and mitigate everything on the plate 😀

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