Coffee Chronicles

“Chocolate, men, coffee – some things are better rich”  

Not sure who said it, but I quite agree! Till two years back I could vouch for the appeal of all three;  then I got married. While I still steal a private moment with  dark chocolate when I can, the last two are a strict no, no! Rich men, for obvious reasons and coffee, because I developed some kind of an intolerance to the beverage; incidentally around the same time I got married! But I am sure the adage still holds true. However, my digestive system’s aversion to the drink doesn’t stop me from enjoying the heavenly smell of coffee in cafes, even if all I can do is sip on a hot chocolate instead. On one such afternoon in a coffee scented cafe, I penned the following piece which appeared in Beyond Practice, a  lifestyle magazine for doctors. A light read on the journey coffee makes before appearing in the refreshing morning cuppa. Enjoy!

To read the article, click on the image.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Chronicles

  1. Sigh! All I can have right now is a low fat decaf version of my favourite cuppa! You’ve just intensified the longing for a nice rich one as soon as I can have it again 🙂

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