The meal that wasn’t

Yup this one fell flat. I am still not entirely sure about what went wrong. The pork was overcooked (though nicely flavoured); the cabbage salad too minty and tangy and the potatoes were so-so. The dessert was the high point in the not-exactly-scintillating meal- but then one can’t go too wrong when using creamy custard and tinned peaches.The addition of a cinnamon stick was a good idea, I must say.

On the menu for the Saturday night dinner was: Pork chops, Minty (savoy cabbage), crushed potatoes and peaches and custard

Pork chops: This was the first time I ever cooked pork chops, so maybe it was beginner’s bad luck. Though I DID stick to the vague cooking timing in the book (yes, that was sarcasm). I am a little miffed because I was reallllly looking forward to this meal and it left me disappointed. Before you think it was J.O’s fault, let’s not jump the gun. Next time I will cook the pork without the other distractions and report back. Let’s reserve judgment till then. Before moving on, I must add that the flavours came together quite well.

Minty cabbage: I am not a huge fan of cabbage (the odour puts me off completely), so I wasn’t so keen on this dish. But I was curious to see how Savoy cabbage would be differed from the regular one I have used/had. Well, for one it wasn’t smelly, and not as limp either. However, in this prep I overdid the mint sauce, and turned the salad a little too tangy.

Smashed potatoes: For someone who doesn’t quite like potatoes (unless in a parantha) I seem to be eating a lot of these lately. Till now, the preparations have had me pleasantly surprised. This one was okayish.

Peaches ‘n’ custard: This tasty dish actually just requires a quick assembly.


  • Heat up tinned peaches with some of their syrup with a stick of cinnamon in them till syrup is nice and hot
  • Add these to some nice creamy custard (discard the cinnamon stick). Hold up on the syrup and put only a little. Crumble some shortbread biscuits on top (I didn’t put any though).
  • Done.

Cost of a meal for three: £8.

Time taken to prepare the meal: 40 minutes.

Friday night dinner. I wish it tasted as good as it looked


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