Flour Child

When I was still mulling how to execute the “Jamie’s 30-minute meals” project, the husband suggested that I attempt these 50 meals in one go (over 50 days). I vetoed the idea at the time because I knew that would mean biting off more than I can chew (pun unintended). After five weeks, I am glad I stuck to the decision of averaging two meals a week but this time for another reason.

I now I realize how difficult it is for us (hubby and me) to veer off the desi (Indian) course. The need to get back to our roots felt imperative, especially after last night’s not so great performance. So, this morning I consoled our palettes with some home-made aloo (potato) paranthas.

I was excited that we could finally make edible (and tasty if I may say so myself!) paranthas at home and the husband was doubly glad- one because he got to eat fat, soft, savoury paranthas; second-that he won’t have to leg it to Southall every time I crave these babies!

Sunday brunch on the balcony

Back in the kitchen, like I did with rotis, I used the food processor to get the dough going. It’s better to use the normal blades in the machine rather than the emulsifying tool- no wastage then.

The filling was aloo (potato), seasoned with coriander leaf, onion, chopped fresh red chilli (I didn’t have green ones), thyme leaves (yup!), coarsely powdered fennel, salt and pepper.

I made sure I greased my hands with ghee before lopping off biggish amounts of the dough, made a shallow well in the center, put the filling in, made a parcel by pinching the dough on top which sealed the filling within. Confusing? Go here to see how you stuff a parantha, no matter what the filling.

Roll the dough out and cook it on a tawa/frying pan greased with ghee/oil. Make sure the tawa is really hot. As you cook the rest, make sure you keep an eye on the tawa because if it is too hot, the parantha will burn.

I love to eat aloo paranthas with cold curd seasoned with pudina (mint) powder (very kindly gifted by my friend Sri), achaar and a dollop of butter!

In the evening I tried making these delectable looking Nutella pin-wheel cookies from The Purple Foodie. However, I ended up with these instead.


I think I used too butter and the wrong kind of flour that defeated my attempt. Next time, I will stick to the recipe.

Nutella-topped cookies (& that's me clicking the pic!)

Nonetheless the result was quite tasty, especially after I smeared Nutella on them (well, I HAD to put it somewhere)!

I do plan to make the originally intended cookies one of these days. Till then these will have to do!

Useful links:

How to make chappatis 101

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