“When you work at home, people believe you have time to squander. They picture you lolling about on a silk chaise, talking on the phone, watching All my children. You supposedly have all day to cook: a pot of beef stroganoff simmering on the burner and loaf of bread rising in the pantry. People don’t understand why, at the end of the day, you are rushing around in sweatpants, trying to defrost a block of frozen chilli in the microwave.

“Not this again!” they cry.

“I’ve been working,” you’ll say.

“You have been home all day!” they cry.”

–  an excerpt from Consuming Passions: a food obsessed life” by Michael Lee West.

Little wonder then that I fell in love with this book fairly quickly! But there is more to this book than smart quotes. There are recipes,anecdotes, kitchen wisdom and more. To know more, wait a little while and I will reveal all (after I finish sampling this very tasty book).

Till then feel free to browse through the other sections 🙂


2 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Great page, Prerna…not good for someone trying to slim down, but really WOW! am reading your blogs now.

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