A new project

Harking back to a previous post, you’d remember that the husband had gifted me a much coveted tome by a favourite TV chef of mine – Jamie Oliver.

I was introduced to Jamie’s world 10-12 years back when dad finally allowed cable TV at home and I chanced upon Zee Café, one of the few channels in India airing English programmes. It was here that I first laid my eyes on the famous naked chef. At the time, it was not so much his cooking but the opportunity to see him cook in the buff that had me tuning in every week. That never happened because apparently that was never his style or intention.

But that didn’t stop me from following his work. It was only last year that I moved on from watching his work to trying out his recipes. And I am happy to report that the dishes I cooked turned out very well – both in terms of taste and economy of time. The reason for this, I believe, is the simple and unpretentious nature of the recipes – another reason why I am a fan.

But with this book/programme, Jamie’s 30 minute meals, he goes beyond giving away recipes. He aims to help them people full meals in 30 minutes or less. Yes. You read it right, full meals in 30 minutes.

Now between you and me, it seems like a tall claim. To be fair, he concedes that it will take longer for beginners and recommends quite a few short-cuts. But even then, 30 minutes sounds a bit ambitious.

Given my scepticism, the husband suggested that I try out the claim for myself. He, I am aware, has vested interests but the man got me thinking, why not.

The idea behind the project is to go beyond cooking within 30 minutes – it is also to learn about new flavours, cuisines, hitherto untried food stuffs, cooking methods and efficient cooking.

Yes, yes, it sounds very Julie and Julia. However, I don’t intend to push myself as far as Julie Powell did. I plan to cover all 50 meals from this book by the end of the year, averaging 2 meals per week.(Ah well, we are already a month down in 2012, and I have a lot of ground to cover. Onwards and upwards, I say!) I will report my progress regularly and would love your feedback and encouragement!

Till the next post, fare well!


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