A new home

A new toadstool for Gastro Gnome*

As you can see, the Gastro Gnome has moved into a new toadstool and sincerely hopes you like it. Along with the new look, the blog has a few new sections and an exciting project that have me quite excited. These are:

Gastrologue: From taking gastronomic holidays, to sampling new cuisines, eating at new locations, you can read about my foodie adventures here.

Reading room: Books on food, about food, where food is the driving force – this section will deal with my take on books that have anything to do with food.

Photography: A catalogue of my food photography.

Tid-bits: This is the place to find some juicy anecdotes, food-for-thought-quotes and saucy stories and maybe some laughs.

Jamie’s 30-minute meal trials: A brand new project! Meals in 30 minutes or less, a la Jamie Oliver. To know more, click here.

Hope you enjoy going through the blog as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Eagerly awaiting feedback and suggestions!

* Pic courtesy http://www.sallyboyle.co.uk


4 thoughts on “A new home

  1. Dig the way the new blog looks! 🙂
    Also, does the pic above not remind u of Big Ear’s home ? Can’t wait to read more in this space!

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