Of scones, jam, cakes and more…

Only she could make a hard boiled egg sound like culinary heaven. But it was her evocative description of food that made many a mundane meal taste much better.  What chance did dal roti have against Pork pie, sausage rolls, mince pies, scones and clotted cream…

Following is an excerpt of my ode to the queen of food writing (acc. to me) -Enid Blyton, published on Indian Compass.

Enid Blyton did more than help me conjure-up the picture-perfect English countryside. She introduced me to a food glossary that I had no way of testing in real life. Reading her evocative descriptions of mince pies and scones, as I ate my humble dal-chawal, made me determined that one day… one day… I too will be chomping on pies and scones.

I came, I saw, I consumed. And here’s what I think. Blyton-esque English food is somehow more evocative in description than in real-life. But if you are in England and are a former-Blyton addict like me, you should definitely give it a go. If for no other reason than to exorcise those childhood ghosts.

Here’s what you need to know before embarking on a Famous Five-inspired dietary expedition. 

Read more here.


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