Oh Happy Days! (Soul food, Part 3)


Right. So now for the final part of the soul food series.

Two things happened that helped me turn the page on my blues. The husband gifted me the much coveted (by me) Jamie’s 30 minute meals. And the pressing need to have home-made roti. Yes the humble chapatti.

The realisation that I could finally make chappatis without having to break a sweat is a feeling that put me in top mood. Enough to even not care that the kitchen counter looks like a flour bomb exploded on it!

I had tried my hand at preparing rotis quite a few times (almost as often as the number of times the husband has tried quitting smoking) but neither succeeded. In my case, the chapatti dough would be either too loose or too dry. And I am not a big fan of kneading the dough since I have the upper body strength of a two-year-old; the husband, meanwhile, has the will power of one.

However, yesterday I broke the jinx. Thanks to Jamie Oliver and the blessed food processor!

The measurements given in the book were for a pizza base but given that the consistency of the two is the same, I decided to give it a go.

Ingredients and method:

  • 3 parts wheat flour (not maida) and one part water, a pinch or two of salt and a lug of olive oil went into the food processor (fitted with an emulsifying tool)*.
  • Whizzed it up and voila! The dough was ready (almost). Not loose or sticky, just right.
  • Picked it out of the processor and melded it all together into one big lump.
  • Lopped off enough dough to make those chapattis you see in the picture.
  • Rolled it and cooked them on a dry tawa (frying pan)!

Yes yes I know they are not round and resemble oddly shaped land masses/amoebas or such-like! But they were brilliant I tell you!

Took one to the husband.

After a whoop he downed one, and followed it up with a question. “How come you made them so well this time!”

I gave him the whole story.

“Ha! you needed a westerner to teach you how to make roti!” Hubby was at this helpful best as usual!

Of course it did not stop him from wolfing 5-6 down!

P.S: I rolled the first couple of rotis very thin but those came out in a papad-like consistency. Then I rolled them slightly thicker and this technique yielded a softer batch. I wonder if it was because of the high heat- any ideas people?

*The regular blades work better- you don’t waste any dough then. (Updated 01/08/2011)


6 thoughts on “Oh Happy Days! (Soul food, Part 3)

  1. Yaaayy!!!!!!!!! I made chapatis too… I had given up on it 4 years back. Now, thanks to you, thought I’ll give it a try and after 2 “just OK” batches, I made the perfect chapati…!!!!

    The amount of water you mentioned didn’t quite work for me. Had to use a little more. But anyways, thanks a lot for the inspiration!!!!!

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