Soul food- Part 2

Homemade Chocolate cake made fatafat

Here’s my guide to beating the blues in three easy steps:

Bake cake

Ice it

And then take a BEEG bite!

No kidding. Remember I had mentioned to you the last time how the month of May has been a  bit wishy-washy? I forgot to add how miserable the weather was too. Raining when it ought to be sunny; chilly and gloomy when it should be warm and bright. And the only thing I could think of in the circumstances was chocolate cake. Yes. Rich, creamy, soft chocolate cake.

Given the dismal state of weather (and affairs) I decided to bake one myself. Mind you, I was in no mood to sift and beat or mix for long minutes; so the dilemma was how to get myself an indulgent treat without slaving over it.

And then it dawned on me: “The Food Processor, of course!”

I mean the instruction manual did tell me that I could use the emulsifying tool for mixing dough; never mind that it never specified what kind of dough! It wouldn’t hurt to try, would it… right?

So in went all the ingredients (listed below) and whizzed and baked to perfection followed by some easy peasy chocolate icing. Yup it was that simple.

So down to the brass tacks.


a) Self raising flour: 200 gms

b) Cocoa Powder: 4 tbsp

c) Bicarbonate soda: 1 tsp

d) Caster sugar: 125 gms

e) Eggs: 2, beaten

f) Sunflower oil: 150 ml

g) Semi skimmed milk: 150 ml

h) Golden syrup: 2 tbsp (optional; put more sugar if not using)

For the ganache:

i) 75g Unsalted butter

j) 100 gms dark choclate


a) Sift the flour, cocoa and baking powder into the processor. Make sure you are using the “emulsifying” tool. (Though I am not sure what will happen if you use the normal set of blades)

b) Add sugar and mix.

c) Add the oil, syrup, milk and eggs. Whizz it all up.

d) Pour into a cake tin and bake for 40 minutes or till a knife/skewer (that you insert to check) comes out clean.

e) Cool the cake on a rack

f) As the cake is baking, make the ganache. Now you can either go for the double boiling method of preparing ganche or do it my way. Which is- cube the butter, break the chocolate. Bung it in the microwave for a 5-10 sec. Mix the hot butter and chocolate till a smooth paste. When you take the duo out of the microwave, it will still be solid but once you begin mixing then, they will begin melting. If lumps remain, put in it the microwave for another 5 sec. and start mixing again till smooth.

g) Put the ganache in the fridge to cool for a while(ten minutes). Just make sure it doesn’t solidify.

h) Spread it on the top of the cake and all over.

And that’s it! Your blues beater is Ready to be devoured!


2 thoughts on “Soul food- Part 2

  1. Peru, I tried this one..came out well..Made a carrot cake too the same way, just substituted grated carrot & a bit of cinnamon pwdr instead of cocoa…It woks:-)

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