Date night

Ingredients for a blissful evening

It has been more than two months since the last time I wrote here and truth be told I missed filling in these pages. Events @ home and work were proving to be so energy consumptive that by the end of the day and the week, hubby and I were content to stay home and catch 40 winks or just vegetate.

Last week, I decided to put the cycle to an end and scheduled a date tonight (followed by a blog entry :D). The cold weather kept us indoors, but it couldn’t dampen the spirit of one who was fed up of defrosted food and evenings spent in front of the telly, PJ-clad.

The menu for the evening included Salt and Pepper Squid for starters, Thai green chicken curry with rice as the main and Srikhand for dessert. Quite an eclectic mix, I know!

I had been planning this evening for a few days and was looking forward to preparing everything from scratch. However, the time was too scant for me to locate in the market two vital ingredients of the Thai Green curry. These were lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. If any of you kind souls could tell me where exactly I could get these in London, I’d be ever so grateful! So for tonight’s dinner I had to settle for pre-made curry paste, which wasn’t bad at all, if I may add. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to try my hand at the real thing.

What this week also yielded was a chance introduction to a super website that has some amazing recipes to offer., this is where my recipe for the fried squid came from. The shellfish used here is fresh, while I used a frozen batch which had already been cleaned. However, it did involve squeezing the head and tentacles off! My three year-long Zoology major finally paid off! I always knew all those dissections would come in handy somewhere someday. And today I know how and where!

Once the innards were ousted, I cut the main body into rings and followed the recipe.

The dessert, always my favourite-most part of any meal, was a winner. Even the sweet-hating husband admitted it was a success. And the brilliance of this dish lay in its simplicity.

You can see for yourself.

Srikhand or meetha dahi (sweet yogurt) with a twist.


  • Yogurt: one and a half cups; hung for a few hours to drain the moisture out
  • Powdered cardamom: of five pods
  • Saffron strands: 5-6
  • Sugar: according to taste
  • Strawberries: two, for garnishing

These measurements make two servings of Srikhand


  • All ingredients except the strawberries and add to martini glasses or any serving vessel you fancy.
  • Chill (the dish, I mean. You could also chill as the dessert sets)
  • Garnish with strawberry/berries.

Dig in as we did!


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