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Murukku: best for all times

Today’s post is by another very special person. G and I met almost 8 years back but have known each other for even longer! It just so happens that our fathers are great friends too. In fact uncle introduced dad to a number of yummy dishes from the state of Kerela. And today G shared a brilliant recipe which happens to be of one of my all time favourite snack: Murukku, a jalebi shaped savoury snack which tastes best at all times! So I present to you G, her bitter-sweet relationship with a certain snack called murukku and of course the recipe.

Well eons ago when I was younger, I wasn’t too fond of Murukks/Chakli since almost always they were either too spicy or too flavourless for me to indulge in. Also, munching on these brown beauties would make whoever sitting next to you feel two things – a) Either an enemy state has launched a surprise attack in your eardrum or b) It is the rumbling of an earthquake which even the Richter scale can’t measure! Well, neither of these two possibilities did any good for me or my poor victim unless I was in the mood for some neighbourly sadism. Growing up I began liking all varieties of these savoury snacks and now being a self-professed food connoisseur I was eager to try my hand at these beauties only to realise how simple they are; the only rider is that you be a little patient.

The one thing essential to making a Murukku, is a press (see picture), specifically designed to make savoury items like Sev,Idi appam etc. Choose the sieve that has the star shape to make Murukku also known as Mullu (thorn) Murukku where mullu refers to the jagged edge. Now that you have the press and the required shape, this is what you need for the dough.

Press for Murukku


a)       Rice flour – 1 cup

b)       Urad flour – 1 cup

c)       Salt – 1 tsp or according to taste

d)       Butter –  1 to 2 tbsp

e)       Water

f)         Oil – to deep fry


Optional Ingredients:



g)       Red chilly pwdr – 1 or 2 tsp

h)       Cumin      – 2 or 3 tsp

i)         Black sesame seed –  2 or 3 tsp

j)         Asafoetida – 1/2 tsp

k)       Methi seeds – 1/2 tsp (only for soaking)

l)         Water to soak methi seeds – 1/2 cup

Well, there are a lot of ratios out there, but this particular rice:urad flour ratio has worked best for me. Rice flour is what makes it crunchy and urad adds a nice flavour to the snack. If you are using whole urad or urad four I strongly recommend dry roasting it.
I like my murukk to be very flavourful and if you do too then add all the optional ingredients.


a)       Combine all the ingredients above (except oil) in a bowl. If you are using the water that has methi seeds soaked, then retain the water and discard the seeds.

b)       Add water slowly and make it into a stiff dough. If the dough is soft then your murukku will also be soft.

c)       Once the dough is ready, make the round pattern on a paper towel first and then folding the edge of the towel to get the shaped dough into your hand and finally sliding it into the hot oil. This way you can ensure unity of pattern and fewer broken murukkus. Once it stops bubbling, take it out of the oil and drain on a paper towel. I recommend taking it out just one stage before the desired colour you want, since these deep-fried goodies tend to get darker out of the oil.

d)      Finally, when you are done with the dough, there still will be some remaining, replace the star sieve with a multiple holed sieve with which you can make sev. This sev will be crunchier and tastier; a great accompaniment to tea!



Thanks to G, we now have two recipes instead of just one! Yay!


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