Feeling kebabish

An absolute hit with mint chutney

Feeling a tad bit homesick and in want of a comforting reminder of the snug winters I spent home in Delhi, I sat wondering what to do to dispel the blues. I was sharing the misery bucket with a friend who suddenly she came up with a novel solution.

“Shammi kebabs”!

Of course! How could I forget those brilliant pieces of greasy heaven I used to tuck into at the DSOI – they were quintessentially wintery Delhi. But wait a minute, I told myself, they must be quite a task to prepare. I admitted as much to my friend who was quick to point out the contrary by sending me a few links to some easy peasy recipes. I mixed and matched a few and came up with a pretty decent hybrid!


a)       Lamb/beef/pork mince: 500 grams

b)       Onion: 1

c)       Ginger garlic paste: 2 tsp

d)       Garam masala: 1 tsp

e)       Red chilli powder: according to taste

f)         Cumin powder: 1 tsp

g)       Corriander powder: 1 tsp

h)       Cinnamon: 2 sticks

i)         Cloves: 2 sticks

j)         Channa dal or chick peas: 2 tbsp

k)       Oil: to shallow fry

l)         Egg: 1


a)       Soak the dal or chickpeas for half an hour or so till soft

b)       Heat a bit of oil to fry the whole spices. Once they smoke, add all the ingredients together and cook.

c)       Once the mince is cooked, liquidise it.

d)       Add the egg and roll the fine mince into small patties.

e)       Shallow fry.

All se to be eaten with mint-coriander chutney!

Usually black peppercorns are used prominently in shammi kebabs, but I avoided them because I don’t particularly like biting into those. But feel free to add them if you want to.

I added the egg in addition to the channa dal because while liquidising, they didn’t grind completely (that maybe because I used a hand blender instead of a processor), which is necessary to bind the kebabs together. In case the kebabs hold without the addition of the egg, use the egg to be brushed on to the kebabs before frying. This will give them the tanned look!

These make for brilliant sandwich fillings. So if you have some to spare, bung them in between slices of bread slathered with mint chutney and a hint of ketchup!


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