For starters

Who says idle conversation can’t lead to something exciting? My first blog was the result of a random chat with a friend who suggested I try web logging to keep my love for writing alive. Little did I know that the hobby will turn out to be a sanity preserving exercise as well.

So about year later, I was burning the midnight oil seeking sleep as none came my way but what did emerge was the suggestion of yet another good friend who I sat swapping recipes with to start another blog. She gave me food for thought and I chose food, and all its trappings. So unlike the first one, this blog is about one of the things I love- Food. I love eating it, making it, photographing it and now I guess, writing about it.

Resorting to a cliché but I think an apt one, at least in the case of my family, as Punjabis we love eating. I grew up listening to my dad proudly proclaim that he lives to eat, something my puritan yoga teacher tried to drum out of my head, but in vain.

But to be honest my love affair with food began about a year back. Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying my meals for many years now but the adventure began only when I arrived at the shores of the UK.

With recession at its peak and no one ready to employ an out of work journo, I began exploring the city. When I first came to London, I was prepared to fill my days with all things touristy. There was a long list of must dos I was handed over by friends and colleagues, some experienced, some wanting to live vicariously. It’s been a year since I made this city home and I haven’t visited half the places I wanted or was asked to. What I did do however, was make friends with some delightful people who love eating. And thanks to our shared passion, I enjoyed some very tasty culinary adventures.

Little wonder that I still haven’t visited the Buckingham Palace but have sampled some mouth-watering fare which was as authentic it could get without burning a hole in your pocket.

It was not just sampling exciting fare, but also experimenting in the kitchen. Till last year, the only reason I entered the kitchen was to get myself a glass of water or get the meals out on the table. I hated aromatics and never thought a day would ever come when I would actually chop an onion or peel a garlic pod or consider my dishes incomplete without either or both. And then came marriage and with it the responsibility of feeding two hungry mouths. I got into the kitchen and have not found a better place to pursue a hobby to take my mind off things.

Other than of course spending hours watching the food channel, much to the chagrin of the husband. But the exercise paid dividends as I went on to try out new recipes, rediscovering old ones, and oh yes, realised my culinary idol, Rachel Allen, thanks to whom I overcame my fear of baking and learnt to make maha easy and equally tasty butter cookies.

So what can you expect on this blog? Food in all its glory and with all its trappings- recipes, entries about food shows, cuisine, masalas, desserts, fads, restaurant reviews, kitchen escapades, and whatever catches my fancy, foodwise of course.

Excited? I know I am!

P.S. : And if you fancy a slice of life, visit my alter ego the March Hare. You may find some food for thought there.


8 thoughts on “For starters

  1. You have almost driven me to take the next flight to Seattle and binge on those sinfully delicious Cinnabons… 🙂
    Anyway, honey with cinnamon will help reduce weight… did you know???

  2. yum! yum! Slurp slurp!
    Waiting for some exotic recipies and may be even the food to come my way…
    btw, I love cooking too… have never got down to writing recipies though- for me, all my cooking happens through aandaaza… but the food turns out good… Siddhartha (my husband) must be grateful that no disaster has struck the kitchen just yet!
    Waiting to read more from you 🙂

    • I so know when u say u cook by andaaza 🙂 I do the same. Drives the hubby mad when he sees me cook 😀 Looking fwd to hearing from u more often! Hope to regale u with more foodie stories!

      • 😀 I remember bugging my mother to give me recipies of the finger licking good food that she conjures and she would say- andaaze se yeh daal do, andaaze se woh daal do… and I would be fuming… but 6 months of marraige later, when i suppose I got a hang of cooking, I can see how andaaza works… and how it can drive people mad!!!

  3. Lol!! Tony Bourdain will have a field day with this mention of “Ray-Ray” on your blog. For me, the very much visible and lingering writing flavor of one of my favorite writers and a promise of good recipes is good enough to mark this blog already. Love the flavor already.

  4. Did i just see Ms Lawson ??

    I love reading your blogs.. and this one is no exception. As mom did not hand me the laddle, in a strange ‘e’way you are doing that. Well you have an audience here. And a very rapt one !

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