Leave the clock alone!

5 meals down in the new series, I am convinced that this beating-the-clock business is detrimental to my mental health, and in today’s instance, has been so to the overall outcome of this meal. As always, I was so focused on my timing that I manged to ruin a perfectly lovely meal (that and careless shopping). As you can imagine, I am quite upset with myself.

Rant aside, this, what should have been a foolproof, meal delivers a 100% on flavour despite all the boo-boos – which include overcooked veg and the wrong kind of fish.  Continue reading

Green fest

Ever liked something in spite of yourself? If so then you may then understand my feelings about this meal. Right at the onset, I was convinced that the main dish would be hard to swallow. The amount of broccoli asked for was obscene, so I cut the amount into half, and it was still too much, if you had asked me then. And I like broccoli.

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Hits and misses

This was going to be either a celebratory meal or one to drown our disappointment in – turns out commiserations were on the menu.

This thirty minute meal was prepared over 1.5 hours, as we (I, intermittently) watched England soar to the heights of ecsatcy, bump along choppy seas of emotions, before crashing and burning out of WC-2018. Despite the heartache and bitter sadness for the boys in white, we did chomp down in hope for a home-coming in 2022.

And since this is not a sporty blog, and I no pundit, sport or otherwise, I will stop here with the commentary.

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Thai red curry prawns, and others

The Meal: Thai red prawn curry with jasmine rice, cucumber salad and a papaya platter

I was looking forward to preparing this meal, because, a) I love (eating) prawns, and
b) I actually managed to get fresh king prawns for a great price at my local fishmonger’s.

I have been in love with whole cooked prawns ever since that holiday in Goa, gazillion years ago, when I had a plateful of luscious jumbo prawns bathed in butter-garlic sauce. Continue reading

A mixed bag

I have very mixed feelings about this meal – on the one hand I loved the fresh light flavours, minty, tangy and colourful, and on the other, I had to contend with chewy old broadbeans, and a watery sauce that overwhelmed my plate and palate. Now, this is not the fault of the recipe, but of the cook, I am willing to admit. Had I stuck to the instructions, I probably would have had a good lunch with this one. Continue reading